Selected Publications 2004

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First author

1.    An, C.-B., Feng, Z.-D., Tang, L.-Y., 2004. Environmental change and cultural response between 8000 and 4000 cal. yr bp in the western loess plateau, northwest china. Journal of Quaternary Science 19 (6), 529–535. (SEC-2)

2.    Fang, X.-M., Han, Y., Ma, J., Song, L., Yang, S., Zhang, X., 2004. Dust storms and loess accumulation on the tibetan plateau: A case study of dust event on 4 march 2003 in lhasa . Chinese Science Bulletin 49 (9), 953–960. (SEC-4)

3.    Feng, Z.-D., An, C.-B., Tang, L., Jull, A., 2004. Stratigraphic evidence of a megahumid climate between 10,000 and 4000 years bp in the western part of the chinese loess plateau. Global and Planetary Change 43 (3-4), 145–155. (SEC-4)

4.    Feng, Z.-D., Khosbayar, P., 2004. Paleosubarctic eolian environments along the southern margin of the north american icesheet and the southern margin of siberia during the last glacial maximum. Palaeogeography,Palaeoclimatology,Palaeoecology 212 (3-4), 265–275. (SEC-3)

5.    Feng, Z.-D., Wang, H.-B., Olson, C., 2004. Pedogenic factors affecting magnetic susceptibility of the last interglacial palaeosol s 1 in the chinese loess plateau. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms 29 (11), 1389–1402. (SEC-4)

6.    Feng, Z.-D, Wang, H.-B., Olson, C., Pope, G., Chen, F.-H., Zhang, J., An, C.-B., 2004. Chronological discord between the last interglacial paleosol (s1) and its parent material in the chinese loess plateau. Quaternary International 117, 17–26. (SEC-3)

7.    Ma, Y.-Z, Zhang, H.-C., Pachur, H., Li, J.-J., Feng, Z.-D., 2004. Modern pollen-based interpretations of mid-holocene palaeoclimate (8500 to 3000 cal. bp) at the southern margin of the tengger desert, northwestern china. The Holocene 14 (6), 841–850. (SEC-2)

8.    Sun, B., Yan, D., Xie, S., Cong, P., Xin, C., Yun, F., 2004, Palaeogene fossil Populus leaves from Lanzhou Basin and their palaeoclimatic significance, Chinese Science Bulletin 49 (14), 1494-1501. (SEC-4)

9.    Wang, G.-X, Ma, H.-Y., Qian, J., Chang, J., 2004. Impact of land use changes on soil carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus and water pollution in an arid region of northwest china. Soil Use and Management 20 (1), 32–39. (SEC-3)

10. Wang, G.-X, Yao , J.-Z., Luo, L., Qian, J., 2004. Soil c and n content under evolving landscapes in an arid inland river basin of northwest china. Landscape Ecology 19 (6), 621–629. (SEC-3)

11. Wang, W.-G., Feng, Z.-D., Lee, X.-Q., Zhang, H.-C., Ma, Y.-Z., 2004. Holocene abrupt climate shifts recorded in gun nuur lake core, northern mongolia . Chinese Science Bulletin 49 (5), 520–526. (SEC-4)

12. Wu, F.-L., Fang, X.-M., Ma, Y.-Z., An, Z.-S., Li, J.-J., 2004. A 1.5 ma sporopollen record of paleoecologic environment evolution in the central chinese loess plateau. Chinese Science Bulletin 49 (3), 295–302. (SEC-4)

13. Zhang, H.-C, Peng, J.-L, Ma, Y.-Z, Chen, G., Feng, Z.-D, Li, B., Fan, H.-F, Chang, F.-Q, Lei, G.-L, Wunnemann, B., 2004. Late Quaternary palaeolake levels in Tengger Desert , NW China. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 211 (1-2), 45-48. (SEC-3)

14. Zhang, P.-Z, Johnson, K., Chen, Y.-M., Chen, F-H., Lynn, I., Zhang, X.-L., Zhang, C.-J., Wang, S.-M., Pang, F.-S., Long, L.-D., 2004. Modern systematics and environmental significance of stable isotopic variations in wanxiang cave, wudu, gansu , china. Chinese Science Bulletin 49 (15), 1649–1652. (SEC-4)

15. Zhao, C.-Y., Nan , Z.-R., Feng, Z.-D., 2004, GIS-assisted spatially distributed modeling of the potential evapotranspiration in semi-arid climate of the Chinese Loess Plateau. Journal of Arid Environments 58, 387-403.(SEC-4)


First author (affiliated to the lab)

1.    Lu, L.-Q., Fang, X.-M., Lu, H., Han, Y., Yang, S., Li, J.-J., An, Z.-S., 2004. Millennialscale climate change since the last glaciation recorded by grain sizes of loess deposits on the northeastern tibetan plateau. Chinese Science Bulletin 49 (11), 1157–1164.LAWES-2

2.    Wang, G.-X., Tuo, W.-Q, Du, M.-Q., 2004. Flux and composition of wind-eroded dust from different landscapes of an arid inland river basin in northwestern china. Journal of Arid Environments 58 (3), 373–385. LAWES-2

3.    Wang, G., Yao, J.-Z., Guo, Z.-G., Wu, Q.-B., 2004. Changes in permafrost ecosystem under the influences of human engineering activities and its enlightenment to railway construction. Chinese Science Bulletin 49 (16), 1741–1750. LAWES-2


Authors of the lab (lab name not being addressed)

1.       Sun, D., 2004. Monsoon and westerly circulation changes recorded in the late cenozoic aeolian sequences of northern china. Global and Planetary Change 41 (1), 63–80. LAWES-B

2.       Sun, D., Bloemendal, J., Rea, D., An, Z., Vandenberghe, J., Lu, H., Su, R., Liu, T., 2004. Bimodal grain-size distribution of chinese loess, and its palaeoclimatic implications. Catena 55 (3), 325–340. LAWES-B

3.       Vandenberghe, J., Lu, H., Sun, D., van Huissteden, J., Konert, M., 2004. The late miocene and pliocene climate in east asia as recorded by grain size and magnetic susceptibility of the red clay deposits (chinese loess plateau). Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 204 (3-4), 239–255. LAWES-B

4.       Wang, Z., Zheng, X., 2004. Theoretical prediction of creep flux in aeolian sand transport. Powder Technology 139 (2), 123–128. LAWES-B

5.       Zheng, X., Wang, Z., Qiu, Z., 2004. Impact craters in loose granular media. European Physical Journal E 13 (3), 321–324. LAWES-B

6.       Liu, Y., Zou, S., Chen, F., 2004. Bioclimatic modeling the spatial distribution of mountain forests in the qilian mountains, northwest of china, using down-scaled climatic models. In: IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing. Vol. 7. IGARSS 2004, pp. 4625–4628, (EI).

7.       Wang, Z., 2004. A note on the velocity of granular flow down a bumpy inclined plane. Granular Matter 6 (1), 67–69, (SCIE). LAWES-B