Selected Publications 2003

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First author

1.  An, C.-B., Feng, Z.-D., Tang, L.-Y., 2003. Evidence of a humid mid-holocene in the western part of chinese loess plateau. Chinese Science Bulletin 48 (22), 2472–2479.

2.  Chen, F.-H., Holmes, J., 2003. Multi-proxy evidence for late pleistoceneholocene environmental change in arid central asia : an overview of the rachad 2001 symposium. Chinese Science Bulletin 48 (14), 1397–1400.

3.  Chen, F.-H., Qiang, M.-R., Feng, Z.-D., Wang, H.-B., Bloemendal, J., 2003. Stable east asian monsoon climate during the last interglacial (eemian) indicated by paleosol s 1 in the western part of the chinese loess plateau. Global and Planetary Change 36 (3), 171–179.

4.  Chen, F.-H, Wu, W., Holmes, J., Madsen, D., Zhu, Y., Jin, M., Oviatt, C., 2003. A mid-holocene drought interval as evidenced by lake desiccation in the alashan plateau, inner mongolia, china. Chinese Science Bulletin 48 (14), 1401–1410.

5.  Fang, X.-M., Garzione C, Van der Voo R, Li, J.-J, Fan, M.-J., 2006, Flexural subsidence by 29 Ma on the NE edge of Tibet from the magnetostratigraphy of Linxia Basin, China. Earth And Planetary Science Letters 210 (3-4), 545-560.

6.  Li, X.-Q., Qin, D.-H., He, Y.-Q., Zhang, C.-L, Zhou, H., Jiao, K.-Q., 2003, Formate and acetate as recorded in a mid-latitude glacier in west China. Chinese Science Bulletin 48 (14), 1483-1487.

7.  Ma, J.-Z., Li, D., Zhang, J.-W., Edmunds, W., Prudhomme, C., 2003. Groundwater recharge and climatic change during the last 1000 years from unsaturated zone of se badain jaran desert. Chinese Science Bulletin 48 (14), 1469–1474.

8.  Ma, Y.-Z., Zhang, H.-C., Pachur, H., Wunnemann, B., Li, J.-J., Feng, Z.-D., 2003. Late glacial and holocene vegetation history and paleoclimate of the tengger desert, northwestern china. Chinese Science Bulletin 48 (14), 1457–1463.

9.  Song, C.-H., Fang, X.-M., Gao, J.-P., Nie, J.-S., Yan, M.-D., Xu, X.-H., Sun, D., 2003. Magnetostratigraphy of late cenozoic fossil mammals in the northeastern margin of the tibetan plateau. Chinese Science Bulletin 48 (2), 188–193.

10. Zhang, C.-J, Chen, F.-H, Jin, M., 2003. Study on modern plant c -13 in the western china and its significance. Chinese Journal of Geochemistry 22 (2), 97–106.

11. Zhang, J.-W., Jin, M., Chen, F.-H., Battarbee, R., Henderson, A., 2003. High resolution precipitation variations in the north tibet plateau over the last 800 years documented by sediment cores of lake qinghai . Chinese Science Bulletin 48 (14), 1451–1456.

12. Zeng, Y.-N., Feng, Z,-D, Cao, G.-C., 2003, Land cover change and its environmental impact in the Upper reaches of the Yellow River, Northeast Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau. Mountain Research and Development 23 (4), 353-361.

13. Zhu, Y., Xie, Y.-W., Cheng, B., Chen, F.-H., Zhang, J.-W., 2003b. Pollen transport in the shiyang river drainage, arid china. Chinese Science Bulletin 48 (14), 1499–1506. 


First author (affiliated to the lab)

1.Fang, X.-M., Lu, L.-Q., Mason JA, Yang, S.-L., An, Z.-S., Li, J.-J., Guo, Z.-L., 2003, Pedogenic response to millennial summer monsoon enhancements on the Tibetan Plateau. Quaternary International 106, 79-88. LAWES-2


Non-first author

1.    Dettman DL, Fang, X.-M., Garzione, C.-N., Li, J.-J., 2003, Uplift-driven climate change at 12 Ma: a long delta O-18 record from the NE margin of the Tibetan plateau. Earth And Planetary Science Letters 214 (1-2), 267-277. LAWES-2

2.    Duan, K.-Q., Yao, T.-D., 2003, Precipitation variability in central Himalayas and its relation to Northern Hemisphere temperature. Chinese Science Bulletin 48 (14), 1480-1482. LAWES-2

3.    Henderson , A., Holmes, J., Zhang, J., Leng, M., Carvalho, L., 2003. A carbon- and oxygen-isotope record of recent environmental change from qinghai lake, ne tibetan plateau. Chinese Science Bulletin 48 (14), 1463–1468. LAWES-2

4.    Liu, Q.-S., Jackson MJ, Banerjee SK, Zhu, R.-X., Pan, Y.-X., Chen, F.-H., 2003, Determination of magnetic carriers of the characteristic remanent magnetization of Chinese loess by low-temperature demagnetization.Earth And Planetary Science Letters 216 (1-2), 175-186. LAWES-3

5.    Wunnemann, B., Chen, F., Riedel, F., Zhang, C., Mischke, S., Chen, G., Demske, D., Jin, M., 2003. Holocene lake deposits of bosten lake, southern xinjiang, china. Chinese Science Bulletin 48 (14), 1429–1432. LAWES-3

6.    Madsen, D., Chen, F., Oviatt, C., Zhu, Y., Brantingham, P., Elston, R., Bettinger, R., 2003. Holocene wetland events recorded in southeast tengger desert lake sediments, nw china. Chinese Science Bulletin 48 (14), 1423–1429. LAWES-2

7.    Yang, M., Yao , T., Gou, X., 2003. The soil moisture distribution, thawing–freezing processes and their effects on the seasonal transition on the qinghai–xizang (Tibetan) plateau. Journal of Asian Earth Sciences 21 (5), 457–465. LAWES-2

8.    Yang, B., Braeuning A, Shi, Y.-F., Zhang, J.-W., 2003, Temperature variations on the Tibetan Plateau over the last two millennia. Chinese Science Bulletin 48 (14), 1446-1450. LAWES-3

9.    Yuan, Y., Jin, L., Shao, X., He, Q., Li, Z., Li, J., 2003. Variations of the spring precipitation day numbers reconstructed from tree rings in the urumqi river drainage, tianshan mts. over the last 370 years. Chinese Science Bulletin 48 (14), 1507–1510. LAWES-2

10. Zhu, L., Zhang, P., Xia, W., Li, B., Chen, L., 2003. 1400-year cold/warm fluctuations reflected by environmental magnetism of a lake sediment core from the chen co, southern tibet , china. Journal of Paleolimnology 29 (4), 391–401. LAWES-2 


Conference papers or abstracts

1.    Ma, J.-Z., Edmunds, W., 2003. Geochemistry evolution of groundwater beneath minqin basin. In: Wang, Y. (Ed.), Proceedings of the international symposium on Water Resources and the Urban Environment. China Environmental Science Press, Beijing , pp. 98–102, LAWES-EI

2.    Qiang, M.-R., Chen, F.-H., 2003. Dust storm history over the last 2000 years documented by laminated lake sediments in arid central asia . In: Xvi Inqua Congress. Reno , Nevada .

3.    Zhang, P.-Z., Johnson, K., Chen, F.-H., Zhang, H., He, J., 2003, Speleothem record of the late pleistocene climate on loess plateau and qinghai-tibetan plateau transition zone, china. in Xvi Inqua Congress, Reno , Nevada .

4.    Holmes, J., Chen, F.-H., Jul. 2003. Abrupt Holocene Environmental Changes in Arid Central Asia-History and Mechanisms. Vol. 48. Science in China Press. LAWES-C