Selected Publications 2002

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First author

1.         Fang, X.-M., Shi, Z., Yang, S., Yan, S., Li, J., Jiang, P., 2002, Loess in the Tian Shan and its implications for the development of the Gurbantunggut Desert and drying of northern Xinjiang. Chinese Science Bulletin 47(16), 1381-1387.

2.         Fang, X.-M., Lu, L.-Q., Yang S., Li, J.-J., An, Z.-S., 2002, Loess in Kunlun Mountains and its implications on desert development and Tibetan Plateau uplift in West Chins, Science in China Series D: Earth Sciences 45(4), 289-299.

3.         Shi, Q., Chen, F.-H, Zhu, Y., Madsen, D., 2002. Lake evolution of the terminal area of Shiyang river drainage in arid china since last glaciation. Quaternary International 93-94, 31–44.

4.         Wu, G.-J., Pan, B.-T., Guan, Q.-Y., Liu, Z.-G., Li, J.-J., 2002. Loess record of climatic changes during mis 5 in the hexi corridor, northwest china. Quaternary International 97-98, 167–172.

5.         Zhang, H.-C., Ma, Y.-Z., Peng, J.-L., Li, J.-J., Cao, J.-X., Qi, Y., Chen, G.-J., Fang, H.-B., Mu, D., Pachur, H., Wunnemann, B., Feng, Z., 2002a . Palaeolake and palaeoenvironment between 42 and 18 kabp in tengger desert, nw china. Chinese Science Bulletin 47 (23), 1946–1956.

6.         Zhang, H.-C., Wunnemann, B., Ma, Y.-Z., Peng, J.-L., Pachur, H., Li, J.-J., Qi, Y., Chen, G.-J, Fang, H.-B., Feng, Z., 2002b. Lake level and climate changes between 42,000 and 18,000 c -14 yr bp in the tengger desert, northwestern china. Quaternary Research 58 (1), 62–72.

7.         Zhu, Y., Chen, F.-H., Cheng, B., Zhang, J.-W., Madsen, D., 2002. Pollen assemblage features of modern water samples from the shiyang river drainage, arid china. Acta Botanica Sinica 44 (3), 367–373.



First author (affiliated to the lab)

1.     Zhu, Y., Chen, F.-H., David, M., 2002. The environmental signal of an early holocene pollen record

from the shiyang river basin lake sediments, nw china. Chinese Science Bulletin 47 (4), 267–273. LAWES-2