Selected Publications 2007

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First author

1.       Chen, X.-L., Fang, X.-M., An, Z.-S., Han, W.-X., Wang, X., Bai, Y., Hong Y., 2007. An 8.1Ma calcite record of Asian summer monsoon evolution on the Chinese central Loess Plateau. Science in China Series D: Earth Sciences 50(3), 392-403.

2.       Feng Z.-D., Zhai, X.-W., Ma, Y.-Z., Huang, C.-Q., Wang, W.-G., Zhang, H.-C., P. Khosbayar, T. Narantsetse, Liu, K.-B., N.W. Rutter, 2007. Eolian environmental changes in the Northern Mongolian Plateau during the past 35,000 yr. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 245, 505–517.

3.       Feng, Z.-D., Tang, L.-Y., Ma, Y.-Z., Zhai, Z.-X., Wu, H.-N., Li, F., Zou, S.-B., Yang, Q.-L., Wang, W.-G., E. Derbyshire, Liu, K.-B., 2007. Vegetation variations and associated environmental changes during marine isotope stage 3 in the western part of the Chinese Loess Plateau. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 246, 278–291.

4.       Fu, K.-D., Fang, X.-M., Gao, J.-P., Han, W.-X., Li, L.-L., 2007. Response of grain size of Quaternary gravels to climate and tectonics in the northern Tibetan Plateau. Science in China Series D-Earth Sciences 50 (1): 81-91.

5.       Gao, H., Ma, M.-Q., Zhou, L., Jia, R.-P., Chen, X.-G., Hu, Zhi-.D., 2007. Interaction of DNA with aromatic hydrocarbons fraction in atmospheric particulates of Xigu District of Lanzhou, China. Journal of Environmental Sciences 19, 948–954.

6.       Gou, X.-H., Chen, F.-H., Cook E, Jacoby G, Yang, M.-X., Li, J.-B., 2007, Streamflow variations of the Yellow River over the past 593 years in western China reconstructed from tree rings. Water Resources Research 43 (6), Doi:10.1029/2006WR005705.

7.       Gou, X.-H., Chen, F.-H., Jacoby G , Cook E , Yang, M.-X., Peng, H.-F., Zhang, Y., 2007. Rapid tree growth with respect to the last 400 years in response to climate warming, northeastern Tibetan Plateau. International Journal Of Climatology 27 (11): 1497-1503.

8.       Guan, Q.-Y., Pan, B.-T., Gao, H.-S., Li, B.-Y., Wang, J.-P., Su, H., 2007. Instability characteristics of the East Asian Monsoon recorded by igh-resolution loess sections from the last interglacial (MIS5). Science in China Series D: Earth Sciences. 50(7), 1067-1075.

9.       Hu, Q.-P., Zhang, M.-J., Tang, Z.-L., Li, C.-S., Wang, J.-Z., 2007, Chemical and stable isotopic compositions of volatiles in mantle peridotites of the Yushigou ophiolite in Qilian orogenic belt, western China. Acta Petrologica Sinica 23 (1), 169-176.

10.   Jin, L., Chen, F., Ganopolski A, Claussen M, 2007, Response of East Asian climate to Dansgaard/ Oeschger and Heinrich events in a coupled model of intermediate complexity. Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres, 112 (D6).

11.   Li, J.-B., Chen, F.-H., Edward R. Cook, Gou, X.-H., Zhang, Y.-H, 2007. Drought reconstruction for north central China from tree rings: the value of the Palmer drought severity index, International Journal of Climatology 27, 903-909.

12.   Liu, P.-X., Peng, J.-F., Chen, F.-H., 2007. Hydrological Response of Populus euphratica Olve Radial Growth in Ejinaa Banner, Inner Mongolia . Journal of Integrative Plant Biology 49 (2), 150−156.

13.   Liu, X.-H., Sun, B.-N, Qu, W.-J., Kang, H.-J, Wu, J,-Y., 2007, Re-Os dating of molubdenite in Xiliugou W-Mo deposit in western Part of Qilian Mountains and its geological significance. Acta Petrologica Sinica, 23(10), 2432-2442.

14.   Pan, B.-T., Gao, H.-S., Wu, G.-J., Li, J.-J., Li, B.-Y., Ye, Y.-G., 2007, Dating of erosion surface and terraces in the eastern Qilian Shan, northwest China. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms 32 (1), 143-154.

15.   Pan, B.-T., Su, H., Hu, C.-S., Hu, X.-F., Zhou, T., Li, J.-J., 2007. Discovery of a 1. 0 Ma Yellow River terrace and redating of the fourth Yellow River terrace in Lanzhou area. Progress in Natural Science 17 (2), 197-205.

16.   Pan, B.-T, Liu, X.-F., Gao, H.-S., 2007, Dating and genesis of the upper Weihe River terraces around Longxi basin, China . Progress in Natural Science, 17(11), 1134-1140.

17.   Qiang, M.-R., Chen, F.-H., Zhou, A.-F., Xiao, S., Zhang, J.-W., Wang, Z.-T., 2007. Impacts of wind velocity on sand and dust deposition during dust storm as inferred from a series of observations in the northeastern Qinghai–Tibetan Plateau , China . Powder Technology, 175, 82–89.

18.   Qiang, M.-R., Chen, F.-H., Zhang, J.-W., Zu, R.-P., Jin, M., Zhou, A,-F., Xiao, S., 2007, Grain size in sediments from Lake Sugan : a possible linkage to dust storm events at the northern margin of the Qinghai–Tibetan Plateau. Environ Geol 51, 1229–1238.

19.   Sun, A.-Z., Ma, Y.-Z., Feng, Z.-D., Li, F., Wu, H.-N., 2007, Pollen-recorded climate changes between 13.0 and 7.0 C -14 ka BP in southern Ningxia., Chinese Science Bulletin 52 (8), 1080-1088.

20.   Sun, B.-N., Xiao, L., Xie, S.-P., Deng, S.-H., Wang, Y.-D., Jia, H., Susan Turner, 2007, Quantitative Analysis of Paleoatmospheric CO2 Level Based on Stomatal Characters of Fossil Ginkgo from Jurassic to Cretaceous in China. Acta Geologica Sinica 81(6) ,931–939.

21.   Tian, Q., Gou, X.-H., Zhang, Y., Peng, J.-F., Wang, J.-S., Chen, T., 2007, Tree ringbased drought reconstruction (a.d. 1855-2001) for the Qilian mountains, northwestern China. Tree-Ring Research 63 (1), 27-36.

22.   Tang, L.-Y., An, C.-B., 2007. Pollen records of Holocene vegetation and climate changes in the longzhong basin of the Chinese Loess Plateau. Progress in Natural Science 17(12), 1445-1456.

23.   Wang, Y., Pan, B.-T., Gao, H.-S., Guan, Q.-Y., Chen, Y.-Y., Wang, J.-P., 2007. Magnetic fabric-based reconstruction of the paleowind direction from a loess sequence in the northeastern flank of the Qilian Mountains. Chinese Journal Of Geophysics Chinese Edition 50 (4), 1161-1166.

24.   Wang, S.-L., Nan, Z.-R., Zeng, J.-J., Hu, T.-T., 2007. Desorption of zinc by the kaolin from Suzhou , China . Applied Clay Science 37 (3-4): 221-225.

25.   Wang, Z.-T., Tao, S.-Chen., Xie, Y.-W., Dong, G.-H., 2007, Barchans of Minqin: Morphometry, Geomorphology 89(3-4), 405-411.

26.   Xu, S.-J., Pan, B.-T., Gao, H.-S., Cao, G.-J., Su, H., 2007. Changes in sand fractions of Binggou section and the expansion and contraction of the Tengger Desert during 50–30 ka. Earth Surf. Process. Landforms 32, 475–480.

27.   Yang, X.-L., Zhang, P.-Z., Chen, F.-H., HUH Chih-an., Li, H.-C., Cheng, H., Kathleen R. J., Liu, J.-H., An, C.-L., 2007. Modern stalagmite oxygen isotopic composition and its implications of climatic change from a high-elevation cave in the eastern Qinghai-Tibet Plateau over the past50 years. Chinese Science Bulletin 5(29), 1238-1247.

28.   Yue, G.-W., Zheng, X.-J., 2007, Effect of thermal diffusion and electrostatic force on evolution of wind-blown sand flow. Applied Mathematics and Mechanics 28(2), 183-192.

29.   Zhang, M.-J., Hu, P.-Q., Niu, Y.-L., Su, S.-G., 2007. Chemical and stable isotopic constraints on the nature and origin of volatiles in the sub-continental lithospheric mantle beneath eastern China . Lithos 96, 55–66.

30.   Zhao, Y., Yu, Z.-C., Chen, F.-H., Emi Ito, Zhao, C., 2007. Holocene vegetation and climate history at Hurleg Lake in the Qaidam Basin, northwest China, Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology 145 , 275–288.

31.   Zhao, Y., Adam Hölzer, Yu, Z.-C, 2007, Late Holocene Natural and Human-Induced Environmental Change Reconstructed From Peat Records in Eastern Central China , Radiocarbon, 49(2),789–798.

32.   Zhong, Y.-X., Chen, F.-H., An C.-B., Xie S.-C., Huang, X.-Y., 2007, Holocene vegetation cover in Qin’an area of western Chinese Loess Plateau revealed by n-alkane, Chinese Science Bulletin 52(12), 1692-1698.

33.   Zhou, A.- F., Chen, F.-H., Qiang M.-R., Yang, M.-L., Zhang, J.-W., 2007, The discovery of annually laminated sediments (varves) from shallow Sugan Lake in inland arid China and their paleoclimatic significance. Science in China Series D: Earth Sciences 50(8), 1218-1224.


First author (affiliated to the lab)

1.       Fan, M.-J., David L. Dettman, Song, C.-H., Fang, X.-M., Carmala N. Garzione, 2007. Climatic variation in the Linxia basin, NE Tibetan Plateau,from 13.1 to 4.3 Ma: The stable isotope record. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 247, 313–328. LAWES-2

2.       Fang, X.-M., Zhang, W.-L., Meng, Q.-Q., Gao, J.-P., Wang, X.-M., John King, Song, C.-H., Dai, S., Miao, Y.-F., 2007. High-resolution magnetostratigraphy of the Neogene Huaitoutala section in the eastern Qaidam Basin on the NE Tibetan Plateau, Qinghai Province, China and its implication on tectonic uplift of the NE Tibetan Plateau. Earth and lanetary Science Letters, 258, 293–306. LAWES-2

3.       Gong, J., Chen, L.-D., Fu, B.-J., Wei, W., 2007, Integrated effects of slope aspect and land use on soil nutrients in a small catchment in a hilly loess area, China . International Journal of Sustainable Development & World Ecology, 14, 307–316. LAWES-2

4.       Ma, J.-Y., Chen, K., Xia, D.-S., Wang, G., Chen,F.-H., 2007. Variation in foliar stable carbon isotope among populations of a desert plant, Reaumuria soongorica (Pall.) Maxim. in different environments. Journal of Arid Environments, 69, 365–374. LAWES-2

5.       Rao, Z.-G., Zhu, Z.-Y., Zhang, J.-W., 2007. Different climatic controls of soil δ13Corg in three mid-latitude regions of the Northern Hemisphere since the Last Glacial period. Chinese Science Bulletin. 52(2), 259-266. LAWES-2

6.        Wang, X.-M., Eerdun H., Zhou, Z.-J., Liu, X.-P., 2007,  Significance of variations in the wind energy environment over the past 50 years with respect to dune activity and desertification in and semiarid northern China. 86(3-4), 252-266.

7.        Wu, F.-L., Fang, X.-M., Ma, Y.-Z., Mark Herrmann, Volker Mosbrugger, An Z.-S., Miao, Y.-F., 2007. Plio–Quaternary stepwise drying of Asia : Evidence from a 3-Ma pollen record from the Chinese Loess Plateau. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 257, 160–169. LAWES-3

8.        Xia,D.-S., Yang, L.-P., Ma, J.-Y., Yu, Y., Wang, G., Chen, F.-H., 2007. Magnetic characteristics of dustfall in urban area of north China and its environmental significance. Science in China Series D-Earth Sciences 50 (11): 1724-1732 Nov. LAWES-2

9.        Yang, B., Achim Brauning, Zhang, Z.-Y., Dong, Z.-B., Jan, Esper., 2007, Dust storm frequency and its relation to climate changes in Northern China during the past 1000 years. Atmospheric Environment 41, 9288–9299.

10.   Zhang, H.-C., Chang, F.-Q., Li, B., Lei, G.-L., Chen, Y., Zhang, W.-X., Niu, J., Fan, H.-F., Yang, M.-S., 2007. Branched aliphatic alkanes of shell bar section in Qarhan Lake , Qaidam Basin and their paleoclimate significance. Chinese Science Bulletin. 52(9), 1248-1256. LAWES-2

11.   Zhao, H., Chen, F.-H., Li, S.-H., G. Wintle, Fan, Y.-X., Xia, D.-S., 2007, A record of Holocene climate change in the Guanzhong Basin, China, based on optical dating of a loess-palaeosol sequence. The Holocene, 17(7), 1015–1022. LAWES-2


Non-first author                          

1.       Dupont-Nivet G, Krijgsman W, Langereis CG, Abels HA, Dai, S., Fang, X.-M., 2007, Tibetan plateau aridification linked to global cooling at the Eocene-Oligocene transition. Nature 445 (7128), 635-638. LAWES-3

2.       Chen, Y.-M., Feng, Z.-D., Gong., H.-L., 2007, Test of magnetic susceptibility and grain-size age models of loess. Progress in Natural Science 17(11), 1312-1317.

3.       Guo, L.-L., Feng, Z.-D., Li, X.-Q., Liu L.-Y., Wang, L.-X., 2007. Holocene climatic and environmental changes recorded in Baahar Nuur Lake core in the Ordos Plateau, Inner Mongolia of China, Chinese Science Bulletin 52(7), 959-966. LAWES-2

4.       Holmes, Jonathan , Zhang, J.-W., Chen F.-H., Qiang, M.-R., 2007,  Paleoclimatic implications of an 850-year oxygen-isotope record from the northern Tibetan Plateau Geophysical Research Letters.34(23) : L23403.

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7.       Steffen. Mischke, Ulrike. Herzschuh, Gudrun. Massmann, Zhang, C.-J., 2007. An  ostracod-conductivity transfer function for Tibetan lakes. Paleolimnol. 38: 509–524, DOI 10.1007/s10933-006-9087-5. LAWES-3

8.       Xia, D.-S., Chun, X., Jan Bloemendal, Richard C. Chiverrell, Fahu Chen, 2007. Use of magnetic signatures to correlate tephra layers in Holocene loessial soil profiles from a small region, SE Iceland . Environ Geol 51, 1425–1437. LAWES-3

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10.   Yang, M.-X., Yao , T.-D., Gou, X.-H., Hirose Nozomu, Fujii. Hide. Yuki, Hao, L.-S., D. F. Levia., 2007, Diurnal freeze/thaw cycles of the ground surface on the Tibetan Plateau. Chinese Science Bulletin 52(1), 136-139. LAWES-3

11.   Yang, M.-X., Yao , T.-D., Gou, X.-H., Wang, H.-J, Hao, L.-S, 2007. Comparison analysis of the summer monsoon precipitation between northern and southern slopes of Tanggula Mountains , QinghaiXizang (Tibetan) Plateau: a case study in summer 1998, Hydrological Processes 21, 1841-1847. LAWES-3

12.   Zhu, G.-F., Li, Z.-Z., Su, Y.-H., Ma, J.-Z., Zhang, Y.-Y., 2007. Hydrogeochemical and isotope evidence of groundwater evolution and recharge in Minqin Basin , Northwest China . Journal of Hydrology 339 (3-4): 227-228. LAWES-4