Selected Publications 2006

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First author

1.        An, C.-B., Feng, Z.-D., Loukas, B., 2006. Dry or humid? mid-holocene humidity changes in arid and semi-arid china. Quaternary Science Reviews 25, 351–361.(SEC-1)

2.       Bai, Y., Fang, X.-M., Wang, Y.-L., Kenig, F., Chen, X.-L., Wang, Y.-X., 2006. Branched alkanes with quaternary carbon atoms in chinese soils: Potential environmental implications. Chinese Science Bulletin 51 (9), 1115–1122. (SEC-4)

3.       Chen, F.-H., Cheng, B., Zhao, Y., Zhu, Y., Madsen, D., 2006a . Holocene environmental change inferred from a high-resolution pollen records of lake zhuyeze , arid china. The Holocene 16 (5), 675–684.(SEC-2)

4.       Chen, F.-H., Huang, X.-Z., Zhang, J.-W., Holmes, J., Chen, J.-H., 2006. Humid little ice age in arid central asia documented by bosten lake, xinjiang, china. Science in China D: Earth Sciences 49. (SEC-4)

5.       Chen, F.-H., Rao, Z.-G., Zhang, J.-W., Jin, M., Ma, J.-Y., 2006c . Variations of organic carbon isotope and its environmantal significance during the last glacial on western chinese loess plateau. Chinese Science Bulletin 51 (13), 1593–1602. (SEC-4)

6.       Dai, S., Fang, X.-M., Dupont-Nivet, G., Song, C.-H., Gao, J.-P., Krijgsman, W., Langereis, C., Zhang, W.-L., 2006.. Magnetostratigraphy of cenozoic sediments from the xining basin: Tectonic implications for the northeastern tibetan plateau. Journal of Geophysical Research 111, B11102. (SEC-1)

7.       Fan, M.-J., Song, C.-H., Dettman, D. L., Fang, X.-M., Xu, X.-H., 2006. Intensification of the asian winter monsoon after 7.4 ma: Grain-size evidence from the linxia basin, northeastern tibetan plateau, 13.1 ma to 4.3 ma. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 248, 171–182. (SEC-1)

8.       Feng, Z.-D., Tang, L.-Y., Wang, H.-B., Ma, Y.-Z., Liu, K.-B., 2006. Holocene vegetation variations and the associated environmental changes in the western part of the chinese loess plateau. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 241 (3-4), 440–456. SEC-3

9.       Feng, Z.-D., Wang, H.-B., 2006. Geographic variations in particle size distribution of the last interglacial pedocomplex s1 across the chinese loess plateau: Their chronological and pedogenic implications. Catena 65 (3), 315–328. (SEC-4)

10.   Gou, X.-H, Chen, F.-H, Yang, M.-X., Jacoby, Gordon., Peng, J.-F., Zhang, Y.-X., 2006. A comparison of tree-ring records and glacier variations over the past 700 years, northeastern Tibetan Plateau. Annals of Glaciology 43, 86-90. (SEC-4)

11.   Jin, L.-Y.,Wang, H.-J., Chen, F.-H., Jiang, D.-B., 2006. A possible impact of cooling over the tibetan plateau on the mid-holocene east asian monsoon climate. Advances in Atmospheric Sciences 23 (4), 543–550. (SEC-4)

12.   Li, J.-B., Gou, X.-H., Cook, E., Chen, F.-H., 2006. Tree-ring based drought reconstruction for the central tien shan area in northwest china. Geophysical Research Letters 33, L07715. (SEC-2)

13.   Li, J.-J., Zhang J., Song, C.-H, Zhao, Z.-J., Zhang, Y., Wang. X.-X., Zhang J.-M., Cui, Q.-Y., 2006, Miocene Bahean stratigraphy in the Longzhong Basin ,northern central China and its implications in environmental change. Science in China Series D: Earth Sciences 49(12), 1270—1279. (SEC-4)

14.   Li, X.-Z., Yi, C.-L., Chen, F.-H., Yao , T.-D., Li, X., 2006. Formation of proglacial dunes in front of the puruogangri icefield in the central qinghai–tibet plateau: Implications for reconstructing paleoenvironmental changes since the lateglacial. Quaternary International, 122–127. (SEC-3)

15.   Ma, J.-Z., Edmunds, W. M., 2006. Groundwater and lake evolution in the badain jaran desert ecosystem, inner mongolia. Hydrogeology Journal. (SEC-4)

16.   Sun, B.-N., Yan, D.-F., Xie, S.-P., Shi, Y.-J., Zhang, C.-J., Li, Z.-C., 2006. Geochemical characteristics of fossil solenites murrayana cuticles from the jurassic in lanzhou , northwest china. Progress in Natural Science 16, 249–257. (SEC-4)

17.   Wang, Z.-T., 2006. Influence of moisture on the entrainment of sand by wind. Powder Technology 164 (2), 89–93. (SEC-4)

18.   Wang, Z.-T., Zhou, Y.-H., Zheng, X.-J., 2006. Tensile test of natural microbiotic crust. Catena 67 (2), 139–143. (SEC-3)

19.   Wang, Y.-L., Fang, X.-M., Yan, B., Xi a, X.-X., Yang, S.-L., Wang, Y.-X., 2006, Macrocyclic alkanes in modern soils of China . Organic Geochemistry 37,146–151. (SEC-2)

20.   Xie, S.-P., Sun, B.-N., Yan, D.-F., Xiao, L., Wei, L.-J., 2006. Leaf cuticular characters of ginkgo and implications for paleoatmospheric co 2 in the jurassic. Progress in Natural Science 16, 258–263. (SEC-4)

21.   Yu, Y.-T., Yang, T.-B., Li, J.-J., Liu, J.-F., An, C.-R., Liu, X.-Y., Fan, Z., Lu, Z.-Y., Li, Y.-P., Su, X., 2006. Millennial-scale holocene climate variability in the nw china drylands and links to the tropical pacific and the north atlantic. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 233 (1-2), 149–162. (SEC-3)

22.   Zhang, H.-C., Li, B., Yang, M.-S., Lei, G.-L., Ding, H., Niu, J., Fan, H.-F., Zhang, W.-X., Chang, F.-Q., 2006. Dating paleosol and animal remains in loess deposits. Radiocarbon 48 (1), 109–116. (SEC-3)

23.   Zhang, H.-C., Ming, Q.-Z., Lei, G.-L., Zhang, W.-X., Fan, H.-F., Chang, F.-Q., Wunnemann, B., Hartmann, K., 2006b. Dilemma of dating on lacustrine deposits in a hyperarid inland basin of nw china. Radiocarbon 48 (2), 219–226. (SEC-3)

24.   Zhao, Y., Sayer, C. D., Birks, H. H., Hughes, M., Peglar, S. M., 2006. Spatial representation of aquatic vegetation by macrofossils and pollen in a small and shallow lake. Journal of Paleolimnology 35 (2), 335–350. (SEC-2)


First author (affiliated to the lab)

1.       Bai, Y., Fang, X.-M., Wang, Y.-L., Kenig, F., Miao, Y.-F., Wang, Y.-X., 2006. Distribution of aliphatic ketones in chinese soils: Potential environmental implications. Organic Geochemistry 37, 860–869. LAWES-2

2.       Rao, Z.-G., Zhu, Z., Chen, F.-H., Zhang, J., 2006. Does delta c-13(carb) of the chinese loess indicate past c-3/c-4 abundance? a review of research on stable carbon isotopes of the chinese loess. Quaternary Science Reviews 25, 2251–2257. LAWES-2

3.       Wang, G.-X., Wang, Y.-B., Kubota JUMPEI., 2006. land-cover changes and its impacts on ecological variables in the headwaters area of the yangtze river, china Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 120: 361–385 LAWES-2

4.       Wang, X.-M., Chen, F.-H., Dong, Z.-B., 2006. The relative role of climatic and human factors in desertication in semiarid china. Global Environmental Change: Human and Policy Dimensions 16(1), 48–57. LAWES-2

5.       Wang, X.-M.,Wang, T., Dong, Z.-B., Liu, X.-P., Qian, G.-Q., 2006. Nebkha development and its significance to wind erosion and land degradation in semi-arid northern china. Journal of Arid Environments 65 (1), 129–141. LAWES-2

6.       Wang, X.-M., Zhou, Z.-J., Dong, Z.-B., 2006. Control of dust emissions by geomorphic conditions, wind environments and land use in northern china: An examination based on dust storm frequency from 1960 to 2003. Geomorphology 81, 292–308. LAWES-2

7.       Yue, D.-X., Xu, X.-F., Li, Z.-Z., Hui, C., Li, W.-L., Yang, H.-Q., Ge, J.-P., 2006. Spatiotemporal analysis of ecological footprint and biological capacity of gansu , china 1991-2015: Down from the environmental cliff. Ecological Economics 58 (2), 393–406. LAWES-2


Non-first author


1.    Edmunds, W., Ma, J.-Z., Aeschbach-Hertig, W., Kipfer, R., Darbyshire, D., 2006.     

Groundwater recharge history and hydrogeochemical evolution in the minqin basin, north west china. Applied Geochemistry 21, 2148–2170. LAWES-2

2.    Feng, Z.-D., An, C.-B., Wang, H.-B., 2006. Holocene climatic and environmental changes in the arid and semi-arid areas of china: a review. The Holocene 16 (1), 119–130. LAWES-2

3.    Han, Y.-X., Fang, X.-M., Xi, X.-X., Song, L.-C., Yang, S.-L., 2006. Dust storm in asia continent and its bio-environmental effects in the north pacific: A case study of the strongest dust event in april, 2001 in central asia . Chinese Science Bulletin 51 (6), 723–730. LAWES-3

4.    Johnson, K. R., Ingram, B. L., Sharp, W. D., Zhang, P.-Z., 2006. East asian summer monsoon variability during marine isotope stage 5 based on speleothem delta o-18 records from wanxiang cave, central china. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 236 (1-2),5–19. LAWES-3

5.    Su, R.-X., Sun, D.-H., Bloemendal, J., Zhu, Z.-Y., 2006. Temporal and spatial variability of the oxygen isotopic composition of massive corals from the south china sea: Influence of the asian monsoon. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 240 (3-4), 630–648. LAWES-3

6.    Wu, G.-J., Pan, B.-T., Gao, H.-S., Guan, Q.-Y., Xia, D.-S., 2006. Climatic signals in the chinese loess record for the last glacial: The influence of northern high latitudes and the tropical pacific. Quaternary International 154-155, 128–135. LAWES-3

7.    Xia, D.-S., Chun, X., Bloemendal, J., Chiverrell, R. C., Chen, F.-H., 2006. Use of magnetic signatures to correlate tephra layers in holocene loessial soil profiles from a small region, se iceland . Environmental Geology. (SCI,Online First). LAWES-3

8.    Yang, M.-X., Yao , T.-D., Wang, H.-J., Gou, X.-H., 2006. Correlation between precipitation and temperature variations in the past 300 years recorded in guliya ice core, china. Annals of Glaciology 43, 137–141. LAWES-4

9.    Yang, M.-X., Yao , T.-D., Wang, H.-J., Tian, L.-D., Gou, X.-H., 2006. Estimating the criterion for determining water vapour sources of summer precipitation on the northern tibetan plateau. Hydrological Processes 20, 505–513. LAWES-4

10. Zhao, C.-Y., Nan, Z.-R., Cheng, G.-D., Zhang, J.-H., Feng, Z.-D., 2006. Gis-assisted modelling of the spatial distribution of qinghai spruce (picea crassifolia) in the qilian mountains, northwestern china based on biophysical parameters. Ecological Modelling 191 (3-4), 487–500. LAWES-2


Authors of the lab (lab name not being addressed)

1.    Gou, X.-H., Chen, F.-H., Yang, M.-X., Jacoby, G., Peng, J.-F., Zhang, Y.-X., 2006. A comparison of tree-ring records and glacier variations over the past 700 years, northeastern tibetan plateau. Annals of Glaciology 43, 86–90. LAWES-B

2.    Liu, J., Chen, X.-P., 2006. Relationship of remote sensing normalized differential vegetation index to anopheles density and malaria incidence rate. Biomedical and Environmental Sciences 19 (2), 130–132. LAWES-B

3.    Wunnemann, B., Mischke, S., Chen, F.-H., 2006. A holocene sedimentary record from bosten lake, china. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 234 (3-4), 223-238. LAWES-B

4.    Wang, Y.-L., Fang, X.-M., Bai, Y., Xi, X.-X., Yang, S.-L., Wang, Y.-X., 2006. Macrocyclic alkanes in modern soils of china. Organic Geochemistry 37, 146–151. LAWES-B