Selected Publications 2009

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First author


1.         Chen, F.-H, Holmes, J., Wunnemann, B., et al. 2009, Holocene climate variability in arid Asia: Nature and mechanisms. Quaternary International, 194: 1-5. SEC-3


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28.     Yan, D.-F., Sun, B.-N., Xie, S.-P., et al. 2009, Response to paleoatmospheric CO2 concentration of Solenites vimineus (Phillips) Harris (Ginkgophyta) from the Middle Jurassic of the Yaojie Basin, Gansu Province, China. Science In China Series D-Earth Sciences, 52(12): 2029-2039. SEC-4


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First author (affiliated to the lab)


1.         Bai, Y., Fang, X.-M., Nie, J.-S., et al. 2009, A preliminary reconstruction of the paleoecological and paleoclimatic history of the Chinese Loess Plateau from the application of biomarkers. Palaeogeography Palaeoclimatology Palaeoecology, 271(1-2): 161-169 . LAWES-2 SEC-2


2.         Bartona, Loukas, Newsomed, S.-D., Chen, F.-H., et al. 2009, Agricultural origins and the isotopic identity of domestication in northern China. PANS: doi_10.1073_pnas.0809960106.

    LAWES-3  SEC-1


3.         Li, J.-B., Edward R. Cook, Rosanne D’arrigo, Chen, F.-H., and Gou, X.-H., 2009, Moisture variability across China and Mongolia: 1951–2005. Climatic Dynamics, 32(7-8): 1173-1186.

   LAWES-2  SEC-1


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Non-first author 


1.         A.M. Alonso-Zarza, Zhao, Z.-J., Song C.-H., et al. 2009, Mudflat/distal fan and shallow lake sedimentation (upper VallesianTurolian) in the Tianshui Basin, Central China: Evidence against the late Miocene eolian loess. Sedimentary Geology,, 222, 42-51


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