Scope 3:Hydrological Processes and Geohazards

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Hydrological Processes and Geohazards 

  The hydrological cycle in arid regions has been drastically changed under the joint actions of global changes and human activities, resulting in profound impacts on the distribution and utilization of the regional water resource. Researches in direction aim to understand the multi-scale eco-hydrological processes of the endorheic drainage systems in arid regions through comprehensive modeling on the hydrological, ecological and atmospheric processes at catchment and regional scales under backgrounds of climate change and human interferences. An important task is to quantify the proportions of water in different types during transitions in this region, providing the basis for recognizing the general features of hydrology, water resource and water environment and their effects on the regional ecological processes. The age, spatial distribution and evolution of groundwater in this region will also be studied for analyses of the cycling and exchanging between surface water and groundwater. The arid western China is also susceptible to frequent geological hazards. Therefore, we will take the advantage of Geographical Information System (GIS), environmental Remote Sensing (RS), latest information sources and advanced techniques in topographic survey in studying the occurrence, development and spatial distribution of landslides and mud-rock avalanches in the arid and semi-arid regions.