Scope 2:Arid Environment and Climate Change

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Arid Environment and Climate Change

  The arid region in western China is characterized by large basins of deserts between huge mountains. The formation and evolution of the arid environment at different time-scales and the regional climate change are important issues in the scope global change. In this direction, we are carrying out researches in desert evolution at tectonic scale, paleoclimate reconstructions at orbital scale, and high-resolution climate change at shorter time-scales. Researches in this direction are fundamental for the prediction of regional future climate changes, the corresponding human adaptations and the sustainable development in arid regions. We aim to understand the environmental history, mechanism and their in interactions with human activities in the arid regions. Various approaches in geomorphology, sedimentology, chronology, archeology and proxy data (isotopic geochemistry, pollen, and ostracod etc) will be employed to explore the environmental history. Strength of human activities and the development history of ancient civilization will be reconstructed through the remains of ancient dwellings, farming land and archeological sites for understanding the interactions between natural environmental change and human activities. Modeling approaches will also be employed in this field to explore the possible influence of arid environment on global climate changes and therefore providing predictions of the arid environmental changes.