More than 400 articles by the research team of the Lab have been published in national and international peer-reviewed journals in the past 5 years.

Selected Publications

2010-11-10 Selected Publications 2009
First author 1. Chen, F.-H, Holmes, J., Wunnemann...  View >>
2010-11-10 Selected Publications 2008
First author 1. An, C.-B., Chen, F.-H., Loukas B., 2008, Holocene environmental changes in Mongolia: A review. Global and Planetary Change, 63:283-289.(SEC-3)2. Chang, F.-Q., Zhang H.-C., Chen Y., Yang, M.-S., et al. 2008, Sedimentation Geochemistr...  View >>
2010-07-07 Selected Publications 2007
First author 1. Chen, X.-L., Fang, X.-M., An, Z.-S., Han, W.-X., Wang, X., Bai, Y., Hong Y., 2007. An 8.1Ma calcite record of Asian summer monsoon evolution on the Chinese central Loess Plateau. Science in China Series D: Earth Sciences 50(3), 392-40...  View >>
2010-07-07 Selected Publications 2006
First author 1. An, C.-B., Feng, Z.-D., Loukas, B., 2006. Dry or humid? mid-holocene humidity changes in arid and semi-arid china. Quaternary Science Reviews 25, 351–361.(SEC-1) 2. Bai, Y., Fang, X.-M., Wang, Y.-L., Kenig, F., Chen, X.-L., Wang...  View >>
2010-07-07 Selected Publications 2005
First author 1. An, C.-B., Tang, L., Barton, L., Chen, F.-H., 2005. Climate change and cultural response around 4000 cal yr bp in the western part of chinese loess plateau. Quaternary Research 63 (3), 347–352. (SEC-2) 2. Dai, S., Fang, X.-M, So...  View >>
2010-07-07 Selected Publications 2003
First author 1. An, C.-B., Feng, Z.-D., Tang, L.-Y., 2003. Evidence of a humid mid-holocene in the western part of chinese loess plateau. Chinese Science Bulletin 48 (22), 2472–2479. 2. Chen, F.-H., Holmes, J., 2003. Multi-proxy evidence for la...  View >>
2010-07-07 Selected Publications 2004
First author 1. An, C.-B., Feng, Z.-D., Tang, L.-Y., 2004. Environmental change and cultural response between 8000 and 4000 cal. yr bp in the western loess plateau, northwest china. Journal of Quaternary Science 19 (6), 529–535. (SEC-2) 2. Fang...  View >>
2010-07-07 Selected Publications 2002
First author 1. Fang, X.-M., Shi, Z., Yang, S., Yan, S., Li, J., Jiang, P., 2002, Loess in the Tian Shan and its implications for the development of the Gurbantunggut Desert and drying of northern Xinjiang. Chinese Science Bulletin 47(16), 1381-1387....  View >>