Dr. Peng Tingjiang

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MOE Key Laboratory of Western China’s Environmental Systems

Research School of Arid Environment and Climate Change

Lanzhou University

222 South Tianshui Road, Lanzhou

730000, Gansu Province,CHINA



Email:    pengtj@lzu.edu.cn



2003.09-2007.06:  B.Sc., Physical Geography, Lanzhou University

2007.09-2012.12:  Ph.D., Physical Geography, Lanzhou University



2013.04- present:  Lecturer, Research School of Arid Environment and Climate Change, Lanzhou University



Biogeochemistry; Paleoclimate



1.         Peng T J, Li J J, Zhao Z J, Song C H, Zhang J, Biomarkers aid paleoenvironment studies of Asian aridification. Eos, Transactions American Geophysical Union. 2013, 94(19):173-174. (Invited Feature Article)

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3.         Ji S C, Peng T J, Nie J S, Peng W B. Quantitative paleotemperature reconstruction of the Chinese Loess Plateau: A review [in Chinese with English abstract]. Marine Geology & Quaternary Geology. 2013, 33(3):151-158.

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5.         Zhang J, Li J J, Song C H, Zhao Z J, Xie G P, Wang X X, Hui Z C, Peng T J. Paleomagnetic ages of Miocene fluvio-lacustrine sediments in the Tianshui Basin, western China. Journal of Asian Earth Sciences. 2013, 62:341-348.

6.         Wang X X, Zattin M, Li J J, Song C H, Peng T J, Liu S P, Liu B. Eocene to Pliocene exhumation history of the Tianshui-Huicheng region determined by Apatite fission track thermochronology: Implications for evolution of the northeastern Tibetan Plateau margin. Journal of Asian Earth Sciences. 2011, 42:97-110.