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Assoc. Xiaozhong Huang

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MOE Key Laboratory of Western China’s Environmental Systems

Research School of Arid Environment and Climate Change

Lanzhou University

222 South Tianshui Road, Lanzhou

730000, Gansu Province,CHINA

Phone:  +86 139 1919 4001

Fax:       +86 931 891 2330

Email:     xzhuang@lzu.edu.cn



2000-2006 Lanzhou University, PhD, Physical Geography

2004-2005 University of London, Royal Holloway & University Clollege London, MSc Quaternary Science

1996-2000 Lanzhou University BSc, Physical Geography



2010-   Research School of Arid Environment & Climate Change, Lanzhou University

2009       Postdoc in Archéorient of CNRS, France

2006-2008 College of Earth Sciences, Lanzhou University



  Late Quaternary Palaeoclimate and Environment Change, Palynology



Teach <Physical Geography> for undergraduates

<Palynology> for graduates, Co-teacher



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