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Assoc. Genying Chang

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MOE Key Laboratory of Western China’s Environmental Systems

Research School of Arid Environment and Climate Change

Lanzhou University

222 South Tianshui Road, Lanzhou

730000, Gansu Province,CHINA

Phone:  +86 188 0940 6059

Fax:       +86 931 891 2330

Email:     changgy@lzu.edu.cn




Sep 1990 – Jun 1994: Northwest Normal University, bachelor degree of science in geography

Sep 1994 – Jun 1997: Lanzhou University, master degree of science in economic geography

Sep 2000 – Jul 2001: Tongji University in Shanghai, learning German

Mar 2002 – Jan 2005: Heidelberg University in Germany, PH.D. in economic geography



Jul 1997 – Aug 2000: Geography Department in Lanzhou University, assistant professor

Aug 2001 – Feb 2002: Geography Department in Lanzhou University, lecturer

Feb 2005 – Apr 2008: College of Resource & Environment in Lanzhou University, lecturer

May 2008 – Research School of Arid Environment and Climate Change in Lanzhou University, associate professor



Economic geography, with the focuses on industrial geography and restructuring of large industrial enterprises;

Human dimensions of environmental change, with the focuses on proenvironmental behaviors of the public in China, and how the public understands global and local climate change and their adaptive behaviors;

Population geography, with the focus on the relationships between population and environment.



Teaching undergraduate students “Economic Geography” and “Urban Environment Assessment & Planning”

Teaching graduate students “Human Geography in English”

Supervisor of graduate students



SSCI: Genying Chang, 2008. Restructuring of large industrial SOEs in transitional china: A case study in Lanzhou. Tijdschrift voor Economische en Sociale Geografie, 99(1): 84–93.

Articles in Chinese SSCI:

Genying Chang, 2011. Social and geographical embeddedness of SMEs in Lanzhou. Urban Studies, (1).

Genying Chang, Man Li, Shupeng Liu, 2010. Socio-demographical/psychological mechanism of household waste recycling in China. Journal of Northeastern University (Social Science), 12(1)34–39.

Genying Chang, 2007. Location, institution and spatial industrial agglomeration in Western China. Areal Research and Development, 26(6): 48-52.

Genying Chang, 2007. Means of technical innovation of China’s middle- and small-sized industrial enterprises - The case study in Lanzhou. Human Geography, 22(5): 69–71.

Genying Chang, Wenrui Wang, 2007. Particularities of construction of ecological demonstration area in China’s less developed areas: a case study in Pingliang. Arid Land Geography, 30(5): 766–711.

Genying Chang, 2002. Study on exchanging tree and grass with grain and sustainable development in Hexi region – Taking Wuwei prefecture as a case. Economic Geography, 22(6): 736–739.