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SCI papers published in 2019


1.Bai, J., Qu, J.-S., Maraseni, T.-N., Wu, J.-J., Xu, L., Fan, Y.-J., 2019. Spatial and Temporal Variations of Embodied Carbon Emissions in China's Infrastructure.Sustainability,11(3).(SCI-4)

2.Cao, B.,Pan, B.-T.,Guan, W.-J.,Wen, Z.-L.,Wang, J., 2019.Changes in glacier volume on Mt. Gongga, southeastern Tibetan Plateau, based on the analysis of multi-temporal DEMs from 1966 to 2015.Journal of Glaciology, 65:366-375. (SCI-2)

3.Cao, B., Pan, B.-T., Wen, Z.-L., Guan, W.-J., Li, K.-J., 2019.Changes in glacier mass in the Lenglongling Mountains from 1972 to 2016 based on remote sensing data and modeling. Journal of Hydrology, 578:124010. (SCI-2)

4.Cao, B.,Zhang, T.-J.,Wu, Q.-B.,Sheng, Y.,Zhao, L.,Zou, D.-F., 2019.Permafrost zonation index map and statistics over the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau based on field evidence.Permafrost and Periglacial Processes, 30:178-194.(SCI-2)

5.Cao, B., Zhang, T.-J., Wu, Q.-B., Sheng, Y., Zhao, L., Zou, D.-F., 2019. Brief communication: Evaluation and inter-comparisons of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau permafrost maps based on a new inventory of field evidence. Cryosphere,13(2): 511-519.(SCI-1)

6.Cao, X.-L., Hu, X.-F., Pan, B.-T., Zhang, J., Wang, W., Mao, J.-W., Liu, X.-P.,2019.A fluvial record of fault-propagation folding along the northern Qilian Shan front, NE Tibetan Plateau. Tectonophysics, 755:35-46. (SCI-3)

7.Chang, J.,Wang, G.-X.,Guo, L.-M., 2019.Simulation of soil thermal dynamics using an artificial neural network model for a permafrost alpine meadow on the Qinghai-Tibetan plateau.Permafrost and Periglacial Processes, 30:195-207.(SCI-2)

8.Chen, D.-B.,Pan, B.-T.,Hu, X.-F.,Wang, Y.,Pan, X.-M.,Wang, W.,Zhang, J.,Pang, H.-L., 2019.Formation age of Jiudong Sandy Land, in the western Hexi Corridor, NW China.Quaternary International, 513:47-55. (SCI-3)

9.Chen, F.-H.,Chen, J.-H.,Huang, W.,Chen, S.-Q.,Huang, X.-Z.,Jin, L.-Y.,Jia, J.,Zhang, X.-J.,An, C.-B.,Zhang, J.-W.,Zhao, Y.,Yu, Z.-C.,Zhang, R.-H.,Liu, J.-B.,Zhou, A.-F.,Feng, S., 2019.Westerlies Asia and monsoonal Asia: Spatiotemporal differences in climate change and possible mechanisms on decadal to sub-orbital timescales.Earth-Science Reviews, 192:337-354. (SCI-1)

10.Chen, G., Nengzi, L.-C., Li, B., Gao, Y.-J., Zhu, G.-X., Cheng, X.-W., 2019. Octadecylamine degradation through catalytic activation of peroxymonosulfate by Fe-Mn layered double hydroxide, Science of the Total Environment,5:133963. (SCI-2)

11.Chen, G.,Zhang, X.-Y.,Gao, Y.-J.,Zhu, G.-X.,Cheng, Q.-F.,Cheng, X.-W., 2019.Novel magnetic MnO2/MnFe2O4 nanocomposite as a heterogeneous catalyst for activation of peroxymonosulfate (PMS) toward oxidation of organic pollutants.Separation and Purification Technology,213:456-464. (SCI-2)

12.Chen, H.,Wang, B.,Xia, D.-S.,Fan, Y.-J.,Liu, H.,Tang, Z.-R.,Ma, S.,2019. Magnetic characteristics of Juniperus formosana needles along an urban street in Lanzhou, Northwest China: the variation of different season and orientation.Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 26:21964-21971.(SCI-3)

13.Chen, H.,Wang, B.,Xia, D.-S.,Fan, Y.-J.,Liu, H.,Tang, Z.-R.,Ma, S.,2019. The influence of roadside trees on the diffusion of road traffic pollutants and their magnetic characteristics in a typical semi-arid urban area of Northwest China. Environmental Pollution, 252:1170-1179. (SCI-2)

14.Chen, J.-H.,Liu, J.-B.,Zhang, X.-J.,Chen, S.-Q.,Huang, W.,Chen, J.,Zhang, S.-R.,Zhou, A.-F.,Chen, F.-H.,2019. Unstable Little Ice Age climate revealed by high-resolution proxy records from northwestern China. Climate Dynamics,53:1517-1526. (SCI-2)

15.Chen, L.,Zhang, M.-L.,Yang, J.-L.,Li, Y.-X.,Sivalingam, Y.,Shi, Q.-J.,Xie, M.-Z.,Han, W.-H., 2019.Synthesis of BiVO4 quantum dots/reduced graphene oxide composites for CO2 reduction. MaterialsScienceinSemiconductorProcessing, 102. (SCI-3)

16.Cui, Y.-Q., Zhang, X.-Y., Zhang, H.-X., Cheng, Q.-F., Cheng, X.-W., 2019. Construction of BiOCOOH/g-C3N4 composite photocatalyst and its enhanced visible light photocatalytic degradation of amido black 10B. Separation and Purification Technology,210: 125-134.(SCI-2)

17.Dang, J., Tian, S., Zhang, Q.-Z., 2019. Mechanism and kinetics studies of the atmospheric oxidation of p,p'-Dicofol by OH and NO3 radicals.Chemosphere, 219: 645-654.(SCI-2)

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19.Ding, W.-G., He, L., Zewudie, D., Zhang, H.-L., Zafar, T.-B., Liu, X.-D., 2019. Gender and renewable energy study in Tibetan pastoral areas of China.RenewableEnergy, 133: 901-913.(SCI-2)

20.Duan, Y.-W., Sun, Q., Werne, J.-P., Zhao, H., Zhang, D.-J., Zhang, N.-M., Liu, J.-B., Wu, D., Chen, F.-H.,2019.Mid-Holocene moisture maximum revealed by pH changes derived from branched tetraethers in loess deposits of the northeastern Tibetan Plateau.Palaeogeography Palaeoclimatology Palaeoecology, 520:138-149. (SCI-3)

21.Fontana, L.,Sun, M.-J.,Huang, X.-Z.,Xiang, L.-X.,2019. The impact of climate change and human activity on the ecological status of Bosten Lake, NW China, revealed by a diatom record for the last 2000 years. Holocene. (SCI-3)

22.Gao, F.-Y., Jia, J., Xia, D.-S., Wang, Y.-J.,2019.Assessment of the dominant climatic factor affecting pedogenic development in eolian sequences during the Holocene in arid central Asia.Quaternary International,502:78-84. (SCI-3)

23.Gao, P., Nie, J.-S., Li, M.-S., Li, P., 2019. Confirmation of a Late Miocene Subchron C4n.2n-1r From the Eastern Qaidam Basin in the NE Tibetan Plateau. JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH-SOLID EARTH.(SCI-2)

24.Gao, T.-G.,Kang, S.-C.,Chen, R.-S.,Zhang, T.-G.,Zhang, T.-J.,Han, C.-T.,Tripathee, L.,Sillanpaa, M.,Zhang, Y.-L., 2019.Riverine dissolved organic carbon and its optical properties in a permafrost region of the Upper Heihe River basin in the Northern Tibetan Plateau.Science of the Total Environment, 686:370-381. (SCI-2)

25.Gong, J.,Liu, D.-Q.,Zhang, J.-X.,Xie, Y.-C.,Cao, E.-J.,Li, H.-Y., 2019.Tradeoffs/synergies of multiple ecosystem services based on land use simulation in a mountain-basin area, western China. EcologicalIndicators, 99:283-293. (SCI-2)

26.Gong, J.,Xie, Y.-C.,Cao, E.-J.,Huang, Q.-Y.,Li, H.-Y., 2019.Integration of InVEST-habitat quality model with landscape pattern indexes to assess mountain plant biodiversity change: A case study of Bailongjiang watershed in Gansu Province.Journal of Geographical Sciences, 29:1193-1210.(SCI-3)

27.Guan, Q.-Y., Liu, Z.-Y., Yang, L.-G., Luo, H.-P., Yang, Y.-Y., Zhao, R., Wang, F.-F., 2019. Variation in PM2.5 source over megacities on the ancient Silk Road, northwestern China. Journal of Cleaner Production, 208: 897-903.(SCI-1)

28.Guan, Q.-Y.,Luo, H.-P.,Pan, N.-H.,Zhao, R.,Yang, L.-Q.,Yang, Y.-Y.,Tian, J., 2019.Contribution of dust in northern China to PM10 concentrations over the Hexi corridor.ScienceoftheTotalEnvironment,660: 947-958. (SCI-2)

29.Guan, Q.-Y.,Yang, Y,-Y.,Luo, H.-P.,Zhao, R.,Pan, N.-H.,Lin, J.-K.,Yang, L.-Q., 2019.Transport pathways of PM10 during the spring in northwest China and its characteristics of potential dust sources.Journal of Cleaner Production, 237. (SCI-1)

30.Guan, Q.-Y., Yang, L.-Q., Guan, W.-Q., Wang, F.-F., Liu, Z.-Y., Xu, C.-Q.,2019.Assessing vegetation response to climatic variations and human activities: spatiotemporal NDVI variations in the Hexi Corridor and surrounding areas from 2000 to 2010.Theoretical and Applied Climatology, 135:1179-1193. (SCI-3)

31.Guan,Q.-Y.,Zhao, R.,Pan, N.-H.,Wang, F.-F.,Yang, Y.-Y.,Luo, H.-P., 2019.Source apportionment of heavy metals in farmland soil of Wuwei, China: Comparison of three receptor models.Journal of Cleaner Production, 237. (SCI-1)

32.Guan, Q.-Y.,Zhao, R.,Wang, F.-F.,Pan, N.-H.,Yang, L.-Q.,Song, N.,Xu, C.-Q.,Lin, J.-K.,2019. Prediction of heavy metals in soils of an arid area based on multi-spectral data. Journal of Environmental Management, 243:137-143. (SCI-2)

33.Guo, B.-H., Peng, T.-J., Feng, Z.-T., Li, X.-M., Li, M., Ma, Z.-H., Li, J.-J., Song, C.-H., Zhang, J., Hui, Z.-C., Zhang, S.-D.,2019.Pedogenic components of Xijin loess from the western Chinese Loess Plateau with implications for the Quaternary climate change.Journal of Asian Earth Sciences, 170:128-137.Journal of Asian Earth Sciences, 170:128-137. (SCI-3)

34.Guo, R.-N., Meng, Q., Zhang, H.-X., Zhang, X.-Y., Li, B., Cheng, Q.-F., Cheng, X.-W., 2019. Construction of Fe2O3/Co3O4/exfoliated graphite composite and its high efficient treatment of landfill leachate by activation of potassium persulfate. Chemical Engineering Journal, 355: 952-962.(SCI-1)

35.Guo, R.-N., Qi, X.-Y., Zhang, X.-Y., Zhang, H.-X., Cheng, X.-W., 2019. Synthesis of Ag2CO3/alpha-Fe2O3 heterojunction and it high visible light driven photocatalytic activity for elimination of organic pollutants. Separation and Purification Technology,211: 504-513.(SCI-2)

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