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SCI papers published in 2014


1.An, C.-B.,Li, H.,Dong, W.-M.,Chen, Y.-F.,Zhao, Y.-T.,Shi, C., 2014.How prehistoric humans use plant resources to adapt to environmental change: A case study in the western Chinese Loess Plateau during Qijia Period. Holocene,24(4):512-517.(SCI-2,3.202)

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10.Dai, S.,Zhang, M.-Z.,Peng, D.-X.,Wang, H.-W.,Wu, M.-X.,Chen, R.-L.,Zhang, X., 2014.Tectonic and Environmental Evolutions of the Northern Tibetan Plateau Prior to the Collision of India with Asia. ActaGeologicaSinica-English Edition, 88(2):425-443.(SCI-4,1.408)

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12.Ding, W.-G.,Wang, L.-J.,Chen, B.-Y.,Xu, L.,Li, H.-X., 2014.Impacts of renewable energy on gender in rural communitiesofnorth-west China.Renewable Energy 69:180-189.(SCI-2,3.109)

13.Ding, W.-G.,Xu, L.,Ye, W.-F., 2014.A comparative study of bioenergy consumption and CO2 emissions in Tibetan region of China.Renewable Energy,71:344-350.(SCI-2,3.109)

14.Dong, G.-H.,Wang, Z.-L.,Ren, L.-L.,Matuzeviciute, G.-M.,Wang, H.,Ren, X.-Y.,Chen, F.-H., 2014.A Comparative Study of 14C Dating on Charcoal and Charred Seeds from Late Neolithic and Bronze Age Sites in Gansu and Qinghai Provinces, NW China.Radiocarbon, 56(1):157-163.(SCI-3,1.648)

15.Dong, G.-H.,Zhang, F.-Y., Ma, M.-M., Fan, Y.-X., Zhang, J.-W., Wang, Z.-L.,Chen,F.-H., 2014.Ancient landslide-dam events in the Jishi Gorge, upper Yellow River valley, China.Quaternary Research, 81(3): 445-451.(SCI-3,2.434)

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20.Hu, Y.-H.,Nan, Z.-R.,Jin, C.,Wang, N.,Luo, H.-Z., 2014. Phytoextraction potential of poplar(POPULUS ALBA L. VAR. PYRAMIDALIS BUNGE)fromcalcareousagricultural soils contaminated by cadmium.International Journal of Phytoremediation, 16(5):482-495.(SCI-4,1.314)

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22.Li, C.-B., Qi, J.-G., Wang, S.-B., Yang, L.-S., Yang, W.-J., Zou, S.-B., Zhu, G.-F., Li, W.-Y., 2014.A Holistic System Approach to UnderstandingUnderground Water Dynamics in the Loess Tableland:A Case Study of the Dongzhi Loess Tablelandin Northwest China.Water ResourcesManagement,28:2937–2951.(SCI-3,2.259)

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