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SCI papers published in 2012


1.An, C.-B., Lv, Y.-B., Zhao, J.-J., Tao, S.-C., Dong, W.-M., Li, H., Jin, M., Wang, Z.-L., 2012. A high-resolution record of Holocene environmental and climatic changes from Lake Balikun (Xinjiang, China): Implications for central Asia. Holocene, 22(1): 43-52.(SCI-2, 2.595)

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4.Ding, W.-G., Mi, X., Niu, H.-W., Chen, J.-S., 2012. A Comparative Study between the Newly Improved and Chinese National Standard Biogas Digesters in a Semi-arid Region of Northwest China. Energy Sources, Part A, Recovery, Utilization, and Environmental Effects. 34:1737–1744.(SCI-4,0.715)

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16.Hu, Z.-B., Pan, B.-T., Wang, J.-P., Cao, B., Gao, H.-S., 2012. Fluvial terrace formation in the eastern Fenwei Basin, China, during the past 1.2 Ma as a combined archive of tectonics and climate change. Journal of Asian Earth Science, 60, 235-245.(SCI-3, 2.152)

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