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LIGNOSTATION: Rapid Evaluation of Wood Density Variations Based on High-Frequency Densitometry Method


LIGNOSTATION is a high-resolution system for preparing wood surfaces and recording the tree ring parameters and the wood density. LIGNOSTATION, developed in cooperation with the University of Freiburg, is based on an entirely novel concept.A precision mill prepares the measuring radii on the wood surface. Then, precise scans are obtained using a high-frequency probe. At the same time, optical scans of the surface can be made and analyzed in comparison with the image. The entire system is computer-controlled and relieves users of a great deal of time-consuming routine tasks. Users attach the sample, define the measuring radius on the PC screen, and LIGNOSTATION will do the rest, from preparation up to measurement.


Dendrochronology, Density measurement, Dendroecology, Dendroclimatology, Forestry, Geography


Direct high-frequency scanning system

No development of film required

Automated procedure

No X-ray emissions


Density measuring using a high-resolution high-frequency probe

Optical scans using a high-resolution camera

Sample material: cores or stem disks

Maximum length of measurement: 450 mm x 450 mm

Image resolution: <= 100 microns (= 1/10 mm)


Li Zhuolun,13619369339