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Our teachers and students participated in the 10th national college geography joint field practice


The opening ceremony of the 10th National University Geography Joint Field Practice was held in Shanghai On July 29, 2018. Director of the Teaching Guidance Committee of the Department of Geography Science of the Ministry of Education, Academician Chen Fahu and Professor Wang Nai-ang gave speeches at the summit forum and the conference and participated in the joint field internship. Eight teachers and students also participated in the seminar.

Cross-regional joint field internship is one of the important measures for the cultivation of geography basic talents and the reform of geography practice teaching. College of Earth and Environmental Sciences is one of the joint internship sponsoring units. Since 2009, the National Geography Talent Base has made full use of the advantages of internship projects, excellent internship courses and excellent teachers in the long-term construction of each base, and gain a good internship effect and a wide range of social repercussions. This joint internship also provided a good communication and learning opportunity for our teachers and students, and further strengthened the connection between our school and the geography peers.