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Atomic absorption spectrometer(Analytikjena ZEEnit700P, Germany)


Performance index

Monochromator: 1800 line /mm;

Wavelength range: 185-900nm;

Lamp holder: 8 lamp holder;

Background correction: electronically tuned deuterium hollow cathode lamp and three magnetic field Zeeman effect double button background;

Magnetic field intensity: 0.1-1.0T is adjustable, and can be switched between 2- Zeeman and 3- Zeeman mode;

Graphite furnace: horizontal heating graphite furnace, room temperature -3000 C temperature control, heating speed of 3000 seconds C/ seconds;

Automatic injector: 108 bits.

Application scope:

It has been widely used in metallurgy, geology, mining, oil, light industry, agriculture, medicine, health, food and environmental monitoring, and the analysis of trace elements and trace elements.

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