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Fully auto surface area analyzer (Micromeritics ASAP2020KMP+Vapor, America)


Performance index

Surface area range: 0.0005- no upper limit;

Aperture range: 3.5-5000A(0.35-500nm);

Equipped with 4 pressure sensors: 1torr, 10torr and 1000torr respectively.

Equipped with turbo molecular pump system: the limit vacuum of the analysis station and degassing station can reach 5 x 10-7Pa (3.75 x 10-10mm Hg).

For the analysis of ultra micropores: the analysis of a sample and the preparation of two samples can be carried out at the same time;

The P/P0 value is measured in real time, and the time of the data is realized to obtain the real data.

Application scope:

The equipment can effectively measure the specific surface area, pore distribution and micropore characteristics of activated carbon, and conduct various steam adsorption experiments. In the field of material science, a high point platform for the solution of any pore size, specific surface area characterization and adsorption of volatile organic gases, such as toluene and xylene by activated carbon, is provided. It is not only a measuring instrument, but also a variety of forms for studying the mechanism of physical adsorption and steam adsorption.

Place of storage:Gao Yuan building in Yuzhong campus 219

Person in charge:Wang houcheng