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Professor Xin Xiaoping’s academic Lecture on August 18th


At the invitation of Professor Gou Xiaohua, Professor Xin Xiaoping of the Institute of Agricultural Resources and Agricultural Regional Planning of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences will present an academic lecture entitled "Grassland Ecological Remote Sensing Research".

Time: Wednesday, October 24, 2018, 9:00-11:00 am

Place: 502 lecture room, Qiliantang, Lanzhou University

Speaker profile:

Xin Xiaoping, researcher at the Resource Division of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, doctoral tutor. The national 10,000 plan leader, the chief scientist of the “Grassland Ecological Remote Sensing” team of the Innovation Project of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the current director of the Grassland Ecology Room, and the Director of the National Field Science Observation and Research Station of the Hulun Buir Grassland Ecosystem.

Researcher Xin Xiaoping has been engaged in grassland ecosystem monitoring and digital management for a long time, and has hosted more than 30 projects in the Department of Science and Technology. She has published more than 120 papers (including more than 30 papers in SCI/EI), and has 6 books,10 patents, 2 industry standards, 27 softwares. She has received6 provincial and ministerial-level science and technology awards. She was awarded the title of “National Field Science and Technology Advanced Individual” and “National March Eighth Red Flag Bearer” in 2009.

Main academic contributions include:

1. Established the National Field Science Observation Station of Hulun Buir Grassland Ecosystem, established a world-class meadow grassland standard observation system, long-term experimental platform, and large-scale ground test field for ecological remote sensing, and established the first grassland ecological remote sensing innovation research in China. The team carried out the ecological research on meadow grassland utilization and the innovation of grassland ecological measurement methods.

2. Carried out the first technological innovation of digital grass theory in China. Combined with long-term positioning observation, control experiment and multi-platform remote sensing measurement, the theoretical system of precise monitoring and quantitative regulation of grassland animal system was innovated. The sky-ground integrated information rapid acquisition technology and grassland productivity light energy utilization model were studied.