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Professor Gary D. Clow’s academic Lecture on July 27th


For the invitation of Prof. Zhang Tingjun, Professor Gary D. Clow from University of Colorado, will present an academic lecture titled “Climatic Changes on the Arctic Slope of Alaska Inferred from the DOI/GTN-P MonitoringNetworks”.

Time: 15:00-16:30pm, July 27th

Site: Seminar room 502, Qianlian Building


Speaker profile

Dr. Gary D. Clow , Research Fellow of the American Institute of Polar and Alpine Studies and a professor at the University of Colorado. He is currently focusing on climate change research in the past, present and future of the Polar Region. Gary D. Clow reconstructed past temperature changes in Antarctica, Greenland, and Alaska, and documented the current changes in Arctic Alaska,He also uses high-resolution climate models to predict climate change over the next 50 years.