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Professor Huang Wenzheng’s academic Lecture on August 9th


For the invitation of Prof. Wang Nai Ang and Associate Professor Li Xungui,Professor Huang Wenzhengfrom Taiwan Ocean University will make academic lectures entitled “Impact Assessment of Climate Change on Agricultural Water and Water Supply and Demand: A Case Study of the Water Supply Area of Zengwen-Wushantou Reservoir in Southern Taiwan” and “Construction and Application of Reservoir Drought Early Warning System——Taking Shimen and Feicui Reservoirs in Northern Taiwan as an Example”.

Time: 9:00- 11:30am, August 9th

Site: Seminar room 1615, Guanyun Building



Speaker profile

Dr. Huang Wenzheng, professor and Ph.D. supervisor at the Department of Hehai Engineering, Ocean University of Taiwan, and a well-known expert in the field of hydrology and water resources research in Taiwan. Professor Huang Wenzheng specializes in water resources system analysis, hydrological analysis, drought early warning and strain analysis, reservoir decision support systems, and water resources and environmental engineering planning and management.